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Congressman C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger (D-MD) joins SATELLITE 2018!

Congressman C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger (D-MD) will deliver a special keynote and welcome address at the Satellite Executiv ...more

SATELLITE 2018’s Startup Space Announces Judging Panel

Once again, we’re partnering with our good friends at the Space Frontier Foundation and Ball Aerospace to produce the ...more

Attention Broadcast & Media Professionals:

Attendees from nearly every major broadcasting company attend SATELLITE seeking unparalleled delivery of content and unr ...more

Attention Finance Professionals:

Whether it is an insatiable demand for 24/7 data connectivity, the long-term future of space exploration, transportatio ...more

Attention Enterprise & Consumer Industries:

Enterprise companies need secure, high-speed connectivity that is always reliable, and supports all business activities, ...more

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14,500+ connectivity professionals will convene for SATELLITE 2018 to further their knowledge of satellite communications and space technology. Through forward-looking keynotes and in-depth sessions in the conference program, we’ll explore the latest innovations and steps forward in building the future of connectivity.

SATELLITE’s program covers applications driven by satellite communications and lets you dig deep into how connectivity can propel your organization... [more]


We expect close to 15,000 to attend SATELLITE 2018. Where do they come from?
Click on each of the below to find out about each market that is represented at SATELLITE.


Reading the Tea Leaves- What do the Analysts Say?

Innovation, game change and profound market impact are upon us. The satellite industry 10 years ago is nowhere near its current state of play and will become even more extraordinary 10 years from now....

New Launch and Rideshare Options for Small- and Micro-Satellites

Gain a better understanding of the changes in the launch market and how it will evolve between rideshares on large rockets and dedicated launches on smaller launch providers. Other topics to be addres...

Ultra HDTV Live Event and News Broadcasting: The Olympics and Beyond

Discover how live international events (sports and news) serve as critical platforms for 4K broadcast and IoT content distribution technology in the age of social media. The panel will focus on how ...

The New Face of U.S. Export Controls on Satellites and Spacecraft

Is there a connection between the realignment of U.S. export controls and proliferation of small satellite applications and missions, or just coincidence? For years, many argued that ITAR control of...

In-Flight Connectivity Focus: New Routes and Service Launches in 2018-2019

In-Flight Connectivity (IFC) has gone from edges to the mainstream with most major airlines in the middle of progressive IFC launches, which will benefit both the passenger experience and improve the ...

Challenges in Integrating Commercial Satcom in Advanced Military Environments

While military or commercial satellite communication has played a well-defined role in military force structures to date, emerging requirements and technology advances have presented a paradigm shift ...

Africa: Next-Gen Pay-TV and the role of Sports in OTT Adoption

In Africa, with new middle classes emerging, the demand for pay-TV services is growing. But, with mobile penetration an increasing feature in many countries in Africa, how will this impact the pay-TV ...

Maritime Focus: Bringing Cruise Lines, Superyachts and Large Passenger Ships Up to Speed

Cruise Ships are like many cities at sea, with thousands of people enjoying going to various locations and enjoying some downtime away from their day-to-day lives. As their popularity grows, the deman...



Juliane Gallina

IBM Watson

Juliane Gallina, Partner/Director National Security Cognitive Solutions, at IBM Watson will speak on the panel Machine Learning to Solve Satellite Interference and Manage Future Networks at SATELLIT ...

Greg O’Connor


Greg O'Connor, VP Network Engineering, Sprint will speak on the panel Surging Opportunities for Global Satellite 4G Connectivity & Backhaul at SATELLITE 2018. ...

Carlos Tibi


Mr. Carlos Tibi is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of icflix, where he oversees all activities of the company. Prior to icflix, Mr. Tibi served in a number of leadership and senior manag ...

Andrew Spinola

Wells Fargo

Andrew Spinola, Vice President and Senior Equity Analyst at Wells Fargo, will be speaking on the panel Reading the Tea Leaves - What do the Analysts Say? at SATELLITE 2018. ...

Gwynne Shotwell


Gwynne Shotwell is President of SpaceX, responsible for day-to-day operations and for managing all customer and strategic relations to support company growth. She joined SpaceX in 2002 as Vice Preside ...

Guillermo Muniz

Royal Caribbean Cruises LTD.

Guillermo began his maritime telecommunications career at Royal Caribbean in 1997 in the IT department. He worked for American Express, Electronic Data Systems (EDS), and Norwegian Cruise lines before ...

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